Hope can rise and fall...

And then, there you are. Confused and alone.
You know he is right out there. He is there. And he's looking for you too.
But you are holding back. Because you are scared. Scared of letting go. Scared of letting your walls down. Because you feel you will get hurt in the end anyway.
But at the same time you do wanna believe that there will be fortune until forever or at least for the time bring you will be allowed to wander the earth.
You wanna believe in the love, the friendship, finding your person who you wanna spend the rest of your life with, and if it does exist even eternity.

But the pain inside of you is rooted too deep. The word trust doesn't mean a thing to you no more. All you see, hear and feel, you wanna double check. 
Once betrayed makes you become overprotective of yourself.

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